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How retargeting advertising helps your marketing

by | Sep 4, 2020

What is retargeting

The internet is a distracting place and we are all aware how quickly we come and go from various websites on a daily basis. This is why retargeting advertising can re-capture your visitors’ attention who would otherwise have forgotten about your product or service. Sometimes called remarketing, the application is the same; simply to place ads on other websites that will remind your past visitors of your product or service. You can also read our comprehensive guide to retargeting advertising methods and strategies here.

Why you should use retargeting

There are several advantages for businesses who use retargeting ads as part of their ad campaigns.

  • Put simply it puts your site top of mind when they are exploring around the internet for other products or services.
  • A visitor may not be ready to purchase or connect on their first visit no matter how compelling you think your offer is. The retargeting ads give the visitor an opportunity to assess your site’s offer again and make a new decision to visit.
  • You can tailor your retargeting ads to be focused on one topic or a new offer days or weeks after they last visited your site. In this way the user can engage with content they might have missed on their first visit.
  • Lastly, retargeting can increase brand awareness for a launch of a new business or product.

Remarketing Stats

If you still needed some convincing, check  out the stats below;

  1. Visitors who see your retargeting ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website.
  2. The average click-through rate for ads is 10 times higher than display ads.
  3. When using Email retargeting CTRs are 3-5% higher compared to standard site targeting.
  4. Retargeting customers are three times more likely to click on your ad than users who have never visited your website before.
  5. According to google their GDN reaches over 90% of global internet users across 2 million sites.

There are numerous techniques used in retargeting, the most common being site retargeting. Other methods include CRM retargeting, Dynamic retargeting and Facebook retargeting. All other them have their advantages and require a slightly different strategy to get the most from your marketing budget. See the full article here to get more details on each of the methods mentioned above.

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