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How to market your development to downsizers

by | Feb 22, 2022

Downsizers. They’re one of the biggest emergent demographics in the Australian property market, and they’re only set to grow. But with so many developments now tailoring to the needs of downsizers, how can you ensure that your offering cuts through the noise? In this article, we’ll take you through some key insights we’ve learned from working with developers within this niche. Cherry-picking the aspects which worked for them and helped to pre-sell their developments. 

Get into the downsizer mindset 

The key to all of this is getting into the downsizer mindset. We see so many purpose-built developments skipping past this. Instead opting for a sleek and modern aesthetic and branding. And while this has its place, this somewhat generic form of branding is not something that necessarily speaks to downsizers. 

  • Think about who will be making the decision (often the wife,  if married), how they might feel about selling their family home and acknowledge the big decision to downsize. 
  • As they’ll be massively reducing the space of their property, they’ll need to be sold on all of the other aspects of a great home. 
  • Consider that these buyers are experienced. They know what they like, don’t like and key pitfalls to look out for. This should be reflected in your marketing which should leave no stone unturned. 
  • Create branding which speaks to a slightly older demographic that is straightforward and grounded, whilst still luxurious. 

Sell the lifestyle 

As we mentioned before, downsizing buyers will be sacrificing space for a new lifestyle. And it’s your job to help them picture this lifestyle with absolute clarity. Within your marketing materials, be sure to include information on the local area, its amenities and the added benefits of living there. 

A great way to do this is by picking moments in their day or weekend which really depict the lifestyle they can expect. For example, a cold glass of chilled wine on their balcony overlooking the bay, a daily stroll through the lush local botanical gardens or meeting up with friends for a slow lunch on a Sunday. 

Highlighting the everyday luxuries 

The key here is to focus on the luxurious features that will permeate their everyday life. Taps, oven space and lighting might seem mundane but can make all the difference between choosing your development or not. Name brands where interesting and appropriate to help tell the story of how you curated the finishes together. Here are some areas to focus on: 

  • Tapware: pick out the brand and finish of the tapware.  
  • Tiles: speak about the textures and colours. 
  • Stone and wood finish: whether it be countertops or cabinets.   
  • Lighting: speak about the mood the lighting has been designed to give and how it can be customised.  
  • Coffee facilities: any inbuilt coffee facilities such as barista machine?  
  • Kitchen facilities: highlight the ovens, hob and additional features like an inbuilt grill plate. 
  • Bathroom amenities: double sinks, waterfall showers, freestanding baths – whatever makes your bathrooms special. 
  • Smarthome features: such as timed lighting, heated flooring or remote-controlled blinds. 

Focus on architectural integrity 

Finally, we have a focus on architectural integrity. As downsizers are moving from likely large family homes, they are looking for well-designed and thought out properties. Some may worry that new builds do not have the same thought and attention put into their architecture, so be sure to highlight the architectural process throughout your marketing materials. Here are some ways to integrate it into your strategy:

  • Name the architect or firm that worked on your development: this will help to build credibility and give them something to research if they wish. 
  • Include blueprints and plans: give them an insight into the full process so that they can see the work that has been done to ensure architectural integrity. 
  • Focus on aspects of the building and name their intention: whether that be shades added to make the north-facing apartments more livable whilst also retaining a sleek style of the building or open plan room layout of each property to maximise space. 
  • Bring attention to architectural details: materials used on the exterior of the building, a beautiful staircase centrepiece or full pane glass windows to create a light and airy feel. 

So there you have it, how to market to downsizers and ensure that your marketing is right on the money for this ever lucrative section of the market. If you’re currently in the throes of a development for downsizers, we hope you found this article helpful in creating your marketing plans. But if you want more assistance on this, we’re here to help. Simply get in touch here. 

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