How we work with you

Our work process keeps things running smoothly

1. Discovery Session

This is where we get to find out about your business. We discuss your ideas and what you want to achieve. This type of session can be relaxed and informal or more structured to suit your needs. The aim is to guage your goals, expectations and discuss how we can work together for the success of the project.

2. Kick Off

When we are ready to start we get into the nitty gritty like; budgets, timelines and reponsibilities.  We discuss what is scope of the project. What type of content is required from the client and who is responsible for what parts to make it all come together. Finally we set deadlines or milestones to make sure we are clear when we’ll achieve the end goal.

3. Create And Build

With our client brief we begin the creation of your strategy, brand, website or campaign. This is where we bring things to life and develop and refine until we are happy it will meet your needs. We set regular approval stages so you have control over the cycle of the project and can guide the progress until final delivery.

4. Review And Optimise

Once the project has been completed, we organise a wrap-up meeting to discuss outcomes and next steps if needed. This provides an opportunity to build on successes and highlight what was accomplished between you as a client and our company. It can also help to look at areas where there can be further refinement of the project for the future.

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